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Michael Fenn
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Psychic Training and Development

Michael has been involved with Psychic and mediumistic development for most of his adult life. He achieved units towards  OCR Level 3 NVQ in Training and Development as well as a certificate from City and Guilds in Training Techniques. He also has a Certification in Speaking and Demonstrating from the Spiritualist National Union. He has been a working medium for the last 25 years and a Reiki Master/Teacher for the past 12 years.

Michael is now using his knowledge and experience to help people unfold and develop their own Psychic ability in Doncaster through both private and group training that include:

  • Psychic self defence. 
  • How to Meditate 
  • Guided Meditation. 
  • Sitting in your Power. 
  • ​Visualisation and imagination techniques.
  • Psychometry
  • Exercises to encourage psychic awareness.
  • Sensing and feeling the energies
  • Meditation to meet your spirit guides
  • The Mechanics of Mediumship
  • How to understand and use Symbology
  • How to Structure your messages

The Psychic development course for beginners explains how this amazing subject works in an easy to understand and simple manner.  Individual training sessions on specific subjects are available on request. 

Other training can be adapted to suit the student's needs and can be held in the afternoon or evening. The training sessions usually run for 90 minute period and consist of theoretical and practical training. If you have a latent ability you've always wanted to explore, or have experienced mysterious happenings in your life that you would like explained, or would like to know more about this fascinating subject then please contact Michael by email or telephone 07949 486084. Michael is available for any questions you have that you may find difficult to discuss with others.

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