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Michael Fenn
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Psychic Medium

Michael's first visit to a Spiritualist church was in the early seventies as a child. His dad took him to Catherine Street Church in Doncaster. The medium at the church, Mrs Groom, came to Michael and gave him details of a possible future within the spiritualist movement.

He never forgot this message and it helped motivate him over the coming years. Michael periodically sat in his dad's circle and listened in wonder at the amazing channelling teachings that came from the spirit guides and teachers.

Spiritualist Medium Michael FennHe was involved in many different spiritual circles from 1985 to 1990 and in 1992 he began attending Catherine Street Spiritualist Church under the guidance of the then church president, Vera Boughon OSNU, and current president June English MSNU. 

Vera and later June were very disciplined and ran development sessions to a high standard. Michael always held Thursday nights sacred and for many years he would attend the open circle and subsequent development circle.

Michael will always be grateful to Vera and June for all that they taught him in those early years. The knowledge and guidance they imparted contributed into enabling him to build a strong foundation for what was to come later. 

The Arthur Findley College, Stansted , Essex
Vera also introduced Michael to the Arthur Findley College in Essex, more commonly known as Stansted Hall. This hall, now a college and home of the Spiritualist National Union, was bequeathed to the Spiritualist National Union back in the 1960s, by the owner at the time, Arthur Findley.

The college runs Psychic and Mediumship training and development courses and students from all over the world have developed their psychic and mediumistic abilities there.

Michael has been to the college on many development courses over a period of 18 years. He has been fortunate enough to have been trained by some of the finest tutors in the country. Much of what he has learned has allowed his mediumship to flourish.

Michael holds Certificates from the Spiritualist National Union in Public Speaking and Demonstrating Mediumship which means that he has been able to work with his Clairvoyance and the knowledge of Spiritualism and Spiritualist Philosophy. The Spiritualist National Union is the largest Spiritualist organisation in the UK.

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