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Michael Fenn
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Feedback Testimonials

I have recently completed Reiki 1 and 2 with Michael Fenn. I can honestly say that he is a great teacher and healer. He has a deep knowledge of reiki and its history. He created a lovely supportive space to learn and practice at my own pace
I highly recommend Michael as a reiki teacher and practitioner. He has inspired me to continue my reiki journey to dovetail with my yoga teaching . I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and am hoping that I will collaborate with Michael to do some workshops in the future.
Judith Brook, February 2024.

I have received reiki treatments and reiki training with Michael, and both were wonderful. I’ve received reiki from a few practitioners but Michael is definitely the best, I visited Michael for a treatment after losing my Mum, and after just the one treatment I felt so much lighter and was able to remember my Mum with love rather than just feeling the grief. I then decided to learn reiki myself and did my Level 1 & Level 2 with Michael, he was a great teacher, very patient and great at explaining all about reiki, the training was carried out over several sessions which made it easy to understand. If anyone was thinking about receiving reiki or even training to become a reiki practitioner themselves I would recommend Michael.

Caroline August 2023. 

Since meeting Michael my whole outlook on my understanding of life has changed. That is a pretty powerful statement to make, especially since I was only looking for some Reiki healing to see how it would affect me. To give you an idea of what Michael was up against I should mention that I am a chronic pain sufferer, who is also in recovery for substance abuse. My substance abuse is just one of the many ways in the past, I have tried to use to help me deal with my pain issues. Nothing has helped and since being in recovery I have opened my mind up to alternative healing and that is why I sought Michael out to try Reiki .I got much more than I bargained for. Once I had explained my situation as I saw it Michael spent time with me sharing his extensive knowledge with me and suggested a few different books and videos to help me. 

Since digesting this information and the positive experiences I have had both physically and mentally through working with Michael, I can wholeheartedly say I am a different person. The negative cloud has dissipated and I am proactively changing my life through small actions each and everyday. I am being kinder to myself and most importantly the immense fear I used to experience on a daily basis has disappeared. I have embraced meditation as a form of medication as a daily practice and my mind-set towards my chronic pain issues has-completely changed. As a result I am seeing drastic improvements to my daily living. Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance Michael. I would highly recommend you choose Michael if you are seeking the type of services he offers and I can be certain you will get more than you bargain for.

I will always be eternally grateful to you Michael. Gavin, Doncaster, February 2023. 

Hi Michael your reading was amazing. I spoke to the doctor and he sent me for a blood test. I’d got diabetes stage two and am on medication. Also high cholesterol, I was very close to having an heart attack or a stroke. I have changed my diet over night, no more stress and have lost over a stone in weight and have got my confidence back. I have also started working out. I can't thankyou enough the words of guidance you gave me I will never forget. I will have another reading with you in few months once again thank you so much. 

John. Doncaster. July 2022.

Hi Michael, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your reading last night. I got so much comfort from it. I felt really at ease from the word go and realized why I had been led to you. I did keep questioning why spirit felt the appointment was necessary and I got my answer. Bless you Charlotte, March 2021.

I had a reading with Michael last week. It was amazing. My dad came through and a lot of the information given to me would have been from my dad without Michael knowing about it.  I felt very relaxed and social distancing measures was all in place. Will definitely be going back.
Julie, Doncaster August 2020.
I had my first private sitting with Michael yesterday. His friendly yet professional manner made me feel instantly at ease. I requested an evidential reading and was not disappointed with what came through. Much of what came through from my mum and friend/guide was very accurate indeed. There were some messages that I didn't comprehend straightaway but later on, thinking them through, I saw these more clearly. Michael was helpful throughout, answering whatever questions I posed. All in all, I came away feeling more enlightened and uplifted. I hope to have another sitting with Michael in the not-too-distant future.
Yvonne, July 2020.
Hi Michael
I've just been to see you today - Sarah from Campsall about the job!  You were Spot on again - I got the job and I think I know why you were shown the watch.  Just before (or just after that) you said about 'going higher'.  Well, they offered me the job as a specialist, working with a consultant until I am fully confident, then I will be senior. So, I think the watch meant 'in time' and 'be patient'.

 I always come away feeling prepared for things and reassured when I've seen you. You really do help me when there is some sort of crossroads looming for me. I know that everything always works out how it should work out but being prepared is an enormous help! What a wonderful light you are! Thank you so much. Sarah  March 2020.

Hi Michael,

I just wanted to say thank you for my fabulous reading. You have given me so much comfort knowing mum and dad are still with me and are proud of how I have done in life. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and I'll definitely be in touch again soon. Regards Adam.

During August and September 2018, I completed a 1 to 1 training course for my Reiki Master/Teacher level. Michael is a wonderful, Spiritual Reiki Master whilst being down to earth, approachable with no ego. His knowledge is immense. He immediately put me at ease and passed on information using a variety of teaching techniques. I think having a week or two between each session gives the student time to study, practise and embed the knowledge required for this degree. Michael’s expectations are high, which brought out the best in me. He happily shared his teaching tools so that I was prepared to start my own Reiki practice. I am so grateful to have achieved my Master level. I now have the extra symbols and power to share Reiki healing and spreading light. As Michael says, this is just the start of my journey.

 Claire Staley.

Hi Mick, thank you for the recent Private Reading, I really can’t tell you how much it meant, and such a massive comfort. So much of what you said was really, really accurate and I can honestly say that I truly felt very close to her. Thank you SO much for answering the questions and restoring the link that in some very dark days I feared was stretched. Jo from Doncaster, July 2018.

Hi Michael

The cleanse is going quite well this time. Not had much happen really regarding symptoms. However, my spiritual awareness has gone to a whole new level. I’m practicing Reiki on friends and work colleagues with very good results too. For me it’s like my whole outlook on life has changed as I see the bigger picture better than ever.
When I did Reiki level one, I just noticed that I was more aware of my health and was intuitively guided to know what to do to make things better. Which over the past few months has worked. Level two has already changed my perceptions and I look forward to giving Reiki to others and myself. 
I can feel the power myself when giving or receiving Reiki and just wish I’d done this years ago.
As for the lessons. I found them very relaxed and informative. You put the information across very well, giving good examples in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I have and will continue to recommend you in future.
Thanks Karen, from Doncaster.

I recently contacted Michael for advice on Reiki healing. I immediatly felt comfortable with Michael and booked my first session. The Sessions have really helped with my Sleep disorder. I have continued the sessions as they make me feel relaxed and refreshed. Michael is a very Knowledgeable and friendly person who I would highly recommend to anyone considering Reiki. Thanks Daniel, from Doncaster, May 2018

Through his gift of reiki healing Michael has helped me through a very low period of my life. I had very low self-esteem, I was delusional with bad headaches and possible cancer.

Since I started having Reiki I’m a lot more confident and happy and feel much better physically. My life has also become much more financially rewarding possibly as a result of being more confident and positive.

I suffer from stress so learning to do self healing every morning brings me great relief. Not many people in life have gained my trust but Michael through his genuine qualities has restored my faith. I still see him regularly for Reiki healing and benefit greatly. Keep up the good work Michael.

Thanks Darryl. Doncaster.

 Hi Michael, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for your wonderful reading. I can honestly say it was one of the best readings I have ever had. Thank you for fitting me in and giving me so much renewed hope during my time of uncertainty. Looking forward to seeing you soon for the Reiki Healing kind regards Samantha, 2013.

Hi Michael. I just want to thank you for the remarkable reading. Several things have been troubling me for a while, and I was able to resolve them. I also achieved a full nights sleep last night for the first time in several months! I have already recommended you to a friend, and will be back to see you myself in a few months. Thank you so much, Christmas will be much easier and more enjoyable now I have some answers. Thanks, Jayne.

Hi Michael I just wanted to say thank you so much for your readings, you told us what we wanted to hear and more, I shall be definitely recommending you to other people, you were great and so spot on, thanks again. Regards lynda (Selby).

Hi Michael, You gave me a reading with my mother-in-law Teresa yesterday. I have been singing your praises all day, and so has my non-believer partner. I have been reflecting on the reading all day and things are still 'clicking into place'.  We will be booking you again very soon. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. Lisa, Doncaster.

Hi Michael, I came for a reading last night and you accurately told me about a situation at work. You also told me that something would happen in `6`  At the same time a message from my Nana to give my daughter £10 from her and I'd see results with work. I had attended an interview yesterday and was waiting to hear if I was successfully. Imagine my surprise when my current employer contacted me today and offered me a promotion at another surgery !!! (And I did give my daughter the £10) Many thanks again Anna  x  September 2015.

Hello Michael, Molly was happier with yourself than with her previous reading experience over a year ago your manner is very sincere. The heart condition in a family member not validated at the time was validated later when my mother advised us her condition had caused a heart murmur. We would certainly consider another sitting at a later date. We will recommend Michael when the opportunity arises. Kind regards  Steven and Molly in  Wakefield.

Hi Michael, I would just like to thank you for providing me with a very informative Reiki One and Two  Training Course. The booklets you provide give everything needed to not just pass but excel at each level so that I can go onto provide an excellent service to my own clients. I enjoyed every minute of the Two courses, you are passionate about what you do and by showing this you pass that onto others. I would happily recommended you to anyone as an excellent Reiki Master/Tutor. Regards, Jo.

Before I went to see Michael I was feeling very confused and was at a very low ebb. I have now had 4 Reiki sessions with him - I felt totally tranquil during the Reiki healing - it was a wonderful experience on all the occasions and I now feel that my life seems to be coming more into alignment. I would very much like to recommend Michael as an excellent professional within his field who has a wonderful air of calm about him. Ann in Doncaster.

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