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Michael Fenn
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Psychic Private Readings

Booking Psychic Readings

Private readings are available at £30 each for a 45 minute recorded reading. You can also record the reading on your smart phone if available or pen and paper can be provided, alternatively the recording can be placed on a data stick if available, or it can be recorded on a CD-ROM. Please contact Michael if you would like a private reading or for further information.  

To book an appointment with Michael, please complete the box at the bottom of this page or call him or text on 07949 486084Michael is on Facebook so you could alternatively contact him through social media.


Michael is an accredited Medium and holds the Certificate in Demonstrating Mediumship from the Spiritualist National Union. To achieve this Michael's Mediumistic ability was assessed at Local and National level. He has been a medium for almost 25 years, working in Spiritualist churches and Psychic centres. For further information go to Spiritualist National Union.

Can a private reading help you?

When a loved one passes away, life is very difficult for those left behind. The grief and sense of loss you feel can lock you into a very sad and lonely place for quite a while.

A Clairvoyant private reading can help you with your grief and speed up the healing process. As a medium, I believe the spirit of the person does not cease to exist, but moves on to the spirit world, or higher plane of existence. And is in many cases eager to make contact with their loved ones and friends. 

My role within the private reading is to prove that the spirit of the person has survived physical death and lives on in the spirit world. This will be done by providing evidence of their survival, which would give the sitter proof of their continued existence. This might include a description of the person, their personality, details of their life style, their relationship to the sitter, how they passed away, names, dates, shared memories and most importantly their love and support  to help you through this difficult period of your life.

Messages from the spirit world can speed up the grieving process and allow you to move forward and get on with your life. Many people who have been to me for a reading have said that once they know their loved ones are safe in the afterlife, they get a sense of comfort and find it much easier to let them go. Then they are able to get on with their lives. 

For some people, a private reading can help in other ways, too, including their development on a psychic and mediumistic level. It may also help those who are experiencing difficulties within their relationships, career and matters of the heart.

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